Old Dog Left At Shelter After Owner Passed Away, Tucks Himself In & Cries Every Night

The most important person on a dogs life is their owner , with whom they share great happy memories , food and home ,so when a dog’s owner passes away , for the poor creature that is the most heartbreaking thing he will endure.

Scooter’s Rescue/Facebook

A senior Chihuahua was taken in  by The Humane Society of Branch County in Quincy, Michigan after he was left all alone , when his owner passed away.

Scooter feel all alone in this world , and the shelter was a stressful place for him that frightened him a lot, he was not used to new people, new dogs , all those barks that seems to put him in a really high stress.

Scooter had a unique  bed routine , where he would be tucked in bed by the owner , now that he was alone and  heartbroken Scooter still didn’t let go  the routine and now he tucks himself in, but remembering his owner and how he passed away Scooter cries loudly after his tuck in routine is finished.

Scooter’s Rescue/Facebook

Seeing him passing such a hard time , the shelter workers feel so sad for him, and they shared his ritual on Facebook , hoping someone will welcome this poor dog into their loving homes , because he just doesn’t seem to get used to living in the shelter .

Scooter is not the only case of senior dogs to be put on the shelter after owner dies, this happens frequently when no one is able to take care of them after the owners pass away.

But Scooter had luck and after his Facebook post who touched a  lot of people, offers of adopting him started to fly in.

Jessica Howard was the local woman  that has been chosen to give Scooter too, she was well known for rescuing dogs , and she promised to give him the love and care he needs to mend his broken heart.

On his new forever home Scooter has other dog siblings, and he seems he loves it there , he changed his demeanor and now  plays and laughs along his new family, his routine still goes on in the memory of his first loving owner.

So happy for Scooter.

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