Owners don’t want old dog after getting a new puppy, but he finds a new family to love him forever

Hearing stories of dog abandonment is always heartbreaking, these poor animals go from having their own home to a shelter filled with unknown people.

What makes matter worse is when these animals get abandoned for dumb reason, like the dog of our story who was left from its owners because they got a new one.

At six years old the life of Hunter the doggie took a turn for the worse  after his family brought home a new puppy.

Hunter didn’t get along well with the new member so the cruel family decided to simply toss him away.

These people have no idea what trauma can cause the abandonment of the poor animals, but the shelter worker saw it all too well when the pooch firstly arrived at Houston Humane Society, he was terrified.

“When I walked up to the kennel, at first I didn’t even see a dog in there, until I looked in the corner. I saw him frozen in fear, trying to make himself invisible,” volunteer Randi Bertholet told The Dodo.

“I immediately sat on the floor, turned away from him, waiting for him to come to me. After a few minutes he cautiously approached me.”

She was so mad when she heard the story so immediately made a video explaining the situation so everyone can see.

“Just when I think the human race couldn’t disappoint me anymore,” she wrote on Instagram.

“Ever wonder what a broken heart looks like? Well there you have it.”

The video she took of Hunter was shared from the shelter too and soon went viral.

Randi couldn’t stop thinking of the dog and was determined to find him a forever home.

“I was so heartbroken for him,” she told The Dodo. “I cried that night while laying in my warm bed with my dogs, thinking about him in there alone and scared.”

Her video was a great help to the dog and thanks to it he found his new home, Larry and David were the couple who fell in love with him after watching the video, when they met him in real life it was a done deal.

Hunter was taken home, there he had another furry sibling named Dolly after Dolly Parton to play with.

The couple decided to rename Hunter and gave him a more fitting name, he is now called Kenny like Kenny Rogers old duet partner of Dolly.

No we are not crying you are.

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