Rescued Basset Hound Finds Stray Kitten And Becomes Doting Mother

Maggie is a Basset Hound that Shea and Kristy adopted from a shelter in April.


Kristy talked with DogHeirs and stated: “She’s my first dog and is the best! She’s overly friendly and LOVES any other animal she sees and will howl until we let her go say ‘hi’. We live in the country and she’s always finding herself a new pet, which is usually a tortoise. One of our horses has really bonded with her [Maggie] and they will run together.”

On this particular occasion the dog found a kitten on the side of the road and decided to bring it home. “Poor kitten was wet, covered in dirt and had multiple grazes and cuts. We think it may be the offspring of a neighbor’s barn cat. We kinda don’t want to return it there since it may wander off again plus it’s become pretty domesticated these last few days!”

“We checked the whole area and there was no sign of its mom or other siblings,” shared Kirsty. “We think someone probably dumped it because it was in the roadside brush. He’s also very tolerant of people and other animals. He happily let our dog bathe him and love him all day! We estimate it’s about 4 weeks old. Poor thing was covered in minor cuts and had a big swollen eye. We’re taking him to the vet first thing in the morning but can’t keep him long term because I have allergies.”


The kitten turned out older than she looked and could actually eat solid food. “We’ve taken care of fleas, ear mites and cared for the grazes. Apart from some allergies, it’s doing great!” said Kristy.

Kristy explained that at first they weren’t sure if they were to keep the cat or not.

“I have bad allergies but I also only live here half of the year (here being OK and home being UK).” Kristy wrote, “I’m only considering that because she really is a great mother! She bathes it, takes it everywhere and even tries to let it suckle from her.”

But at the end Shea and Kristy decided to keep the kitten, or better Maggie’s baby.

The kitten has likes and dislikes that the dog mom can now add up, for example she likes being held like a baby, cheese and eating grasshoppers, her dislikes include the smell of nail polish, vacuum and cows.


Kristy added that in addition to being a great mother to her kitten, Maggie is “especially smart and when we say ‘I love you’ to her, she’ll howl it back in the same tune and amount of syllables. It’s hilarious!”

What a sweet duo.

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