Roxy About To Be Put Down Wagged Her Tail So Hard That Vet Put The Syringe Down

Just like us humans,sickness and bad luck struck poor animals too.

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Roxy was cute little dog that had to be put down and get euthanized after she was diagnosed with TVT (small cancerous growth).

When Roxy was picked up from Sidewalk Specials rescuers that came to help,her body was bleeding badly and the situation didn’t look promising at all,as if the dog was feeling what will happen to her soon she started wiggling his tail and rescuers just couldn’t make themselves put Roxy down feeling she can still have a  happy life.

Roxy was a  depressed dog.

Having a serious illness and your family turning their back to you it affect one’s emotional state,but her life was about to take a huge turn for the better.

sidewalk specials

Roxy  TVT was curable so she was put to chemotherapy sessions,while going through her sessions and getting her therapy the dog  was staying at a foster home.

And three months later Roxy was  a healed cancer free dog.

The sun raised for Roxy,and after being cured  she found  a forever home with  people who love and will take care for her,and also has doggie siblings with whom she plays all day.

Roxy got her second chance thanks to Sidewalk Specials that saw life into her eyes and refused to give up on her.

Now a happy and healthy dog, Roxy enjoys her life that she deserves.

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