Senior woman has touching reunion with her cat who was missing for four years

Losing a pet is definitely one of the most heartbreaking things one can experience, the pain you feel of never seeing your best friend again is simply crushing.

A woman recently went through that situation where she lost everything including her beloved cat, but just when she thought everything was lost a miracle took place when she didn’t expect at all.

Facebook/Mimma Bei

Central Italy was hit by an earthquake four years ago, Dora an old woman lost her home but what was more heartbreaking was that her cat wasn’t found anywhere.

The woman always kept her hope up that the cat was somewhere out there and she would come back to her, but as the years passed by it seemed less possible for that to happen.

But a miracle happened this month and her cat was back.

Mimma Bei

No one knows where the cat was all this time but he looked to be healthy, the woman and her beloved cat had an emotional reunion, and Mimma Bei a friend of Doras posted the pictures on Facebook.

The reunited friends cuddled each other and showed their love to each other, it was such a sweet reunion.

Mimma Bei

Aww what an amazing story, never give up miracles do happen.

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