Stray dog is saved after being found with container stuck on head, then gets adopted by rescuer

Being a stray animal is not easy at all, having to fend for themselves and fighting for survival is pretty difficult, sometimes they get caught in tricky situations  and need human help.

One dog found himself stuck in a plastic container stuck on his head until some rescuers ran to help and the story got a sweet and happy ending and one of the rescuers adopted him.

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Radium Springs, Georgia  residents spotted a dog running  around with a plastic container on his head in March, as per the reports of the Las Cruces Sun News

People wanted to help him but couldn’t find him anywhere,  it took a days-long search effort by both Cherished K-9 All Breed Rescue and Mesilla Valley Search and Rescue.

They tracked the pooch down and then started working to free him.

This rescue found an amazing time to come around.

“He only had a little opening in the top, so he really would have been in dire need,” Carla Baker, executive director of Cherished K-9, told the Sun News. “He was exhausted, dehydrated and very hungry.”

Facebook/Mary Beth Worley

Fortunately the mission was successful and the dog got free. 

He got named “Pretzel” due to the container on his head that was a pretzel jar (it was actually a continuous flow dog feeder.)

After the rescue Pretzel was taken to the vet and received vaccinations and was microchipped.

It’s thought the dog is around 1 and half years old but not much is known about its past.

The stray was put in the care of Cherished K-9 All Breed Rescue, previously they rescued a female dog and her litter of sweet puppies at the same area and they think Pretzel has a high possibility to be the dad.

After he got all the needed medical care he was put for adoption, rescuers were sure that since his story went viral they would get a lot of adoption requests but unfortunately that wasn’t the case.

“We were shocked,” Baker told Sun News. “Because everyone was saying, ‘oh yeah, we want to adopt.’”

Finally they received an adoption request from one of the rescuers that saved his life.

A longtime volunteer with Mesilla Valley Search and Rescue, Kirk Kirkpatrick recently had to put down his own dog  due to health problems.

He didn’t have in his plans to adopt soon but decided to take Pretzel in to see how he will do in his home.

The pooch fortunately got along with his other five pets so Pretzel was officially adopted after.

The rescue were happy that the sweet pooch finally got a safe home.

“He’s blessed to have the family he’s got,” Baker said. “Even though they’re the only applicants, I’ll tell you, he lucked out. It’s a good family.”

Pretzel now is renamed Rio and Kirk says he has been adjusting well to his new home.

These stories always make us happy.

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