The dog who has spent 720 days alone, finally finds his forever home

Canines that live inside a shelter usually have one wish: to find a forever home and a family to love and appreciate them, sadly to some poor souls this wish takes a bit longer to become a reality and they have to spend months or sometimes years living inside a shelter.

All dogs deserve to have loving homes and families, a rescuer believes this with all his heart so that’s why he worked hard for a dog that has been staying in a shelter for over two years.

Let us introduce you to Drool, that is a four-year-old pitbull/boxer mix who was staying at Conour Animal Shelter for over 720 days.

KRDO reports that Drools’ long tenure has brken the shelter’s record, but his carers were working hard for him to not have to wait much longer.

A worker of Relay for rescue, Kacey Widetich, stays with Drool in the shelter so he doesn’t have to be alone, she stated that despite their efforts the poor dog still doesn’t have a family.

“Not a lot of exposure because of [the shelter’s] location,” Kacey told KRDO.

The shelter is located in Monte Vista, Colorado.

“And because we’re kind of particular about what kind of forever home he goes to,” Kacey added. “He does need to go to a home where he’ll be the only pet, no other dogs or cats.”

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