Traumatized Rescue Dog Can’t Believe He’s Finally Safe And Sleeps With His Food Bowl Every Night

A sweet dog named Neville loves his food bowl so much he even sleeps with it every night.

At first glance it looks so sweet that the little pooch has chosen a food bowl to use as his security blanket, but the cause of this sweets soul obsession is truly upsetting.

The canine now lives in safety and with a lot of love but this wasn’t the case always.

Neville for a long time was a stray and he never knew when will be the last time he would eat, he had to fight finding food and starve when he didn’t manage to find any.

But the sweet furry got saved from the streets eventually and then got adopted by a woman named Susanne who after seeing him in a shelter web page knew she had to have him.

The woman had another rescue puppy but something about sweet Neville told her that she has to have him as well.

The kind woman waited outside the rescue centre for three long hours just to make sure that she would be the first person to ask to adopt Neville.

She had such strong feelings for a canine that she hadn’t even met yet.

The woman got to adopt the dog and she was so happy to bring him to her home.

After she brought him home she started to notice how the difficult life Neville lived affected his mental state, he didn’t accept to eat from his bowl but instead he ate from the floor and also fighted his new dog sibling over the food.

It was clear that the poor soul had to fight for every piece of food while he was living on the streets, he was facing difficulties understanding that he doesn’t have to feel that way anymore because he will never be without food ever again.

It took months but finally Neville learned to eat from his bowl, actually 2 years after adoption the bowl is now the most precious thing he has and brings it with him everywhere he goes.

After spending time on the street having to fight for every piece of food he got, having his own bowl felt like heaven.

Source : ErUpstairs

We are so happy when we read these kind of happy endings, we are sure Susanne is so happy with her two sweet canines.

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