When a beloved street cat passed away, locals memorialized her by putting a statue of her in her favorite spot

Cats are the sweetest creatures on earth, sometimes they win hearts over even if they don’t belong to anyone. People usually take care of them while they live on the streets.

Turkey in particular is a place filled with stray cats but they are so loved by people there to the extent of having their own documentary film named Kedi.

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In the midst of lots of cats that were roaming Turkey streets one feline managed to stand out due to her carefree attitude, and the city made sure she will be remembered for all the years to come.

The stray cat named Tombili (a common Turkish nickname for chubby pets—was always a favorite of the locals) was always leaning on the sidewalk in a very relaxed pose, Tombili was a cat who seemed to have it all figured out.

Her fame reached the sky when pictures of her were shared on social media, there is something so relatable about this cat.

This cat was a favourite of people. They would visit her on the Kadikoy streets seeing her amazing pose like she had not a care in this world.

She lived a good life and sadly passed away on August 1, 2016.

Most stray cats get forgotten when they pass away but people who loved  Tombil decided to do something to keep her memory alive always, they made a statue of her.

Heartbroken locals wanted to put up a memorial for the world-famous stray, and a Change.org petition was created for putting out a statue.

“We hope that Tombili, who has been the mascot of the neighborhood for 11 years and whose reputation has spread beyond Kadıköy, is remembered and not forgotten in a similar way,” the petition reads.

The campaign was a success and Seval Şahin, an artist, volunteered to do the statue.

It depicts Tombili in her famous pose, and it was installed in her usual spot.

The statue was unveiled on October 4, World Animal Protection Day.

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