Woman asks shelter for oldest, hardest to adopt dog that no one wants

Usually when people go into a shelter to adopt dogs they look for the puppies. 

Animal shelters are filled with senior dogs who also desperately need a home and someone to take care of them.

Unfortunately older dogs usually get turned down and some never get to experience the love and joy of a home.

The woman in the video below went into a shelter but she didn’t look to adopt the youngest friendliest or cutest dog, she wanted to take home a dog that truly needed a family.

She asked specifically for the oldest dog there whose chances to have a  family and home were almost nonexistent.

So she adopted a 12 year terrier named Jake, the duo immediately fell in love with each other, the pooch was an amazing pet and helped the woman to keep her mind off the things because she needed the distraction after her husband passed away.

Check the video below to learn more about their story.

Source: Youtube/Did You Know Animals ?

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  1. Beautiful story, that was just wonderful. It just seems like the perfect match and just reading the story made many people happy. Thank you so much for doing something wonderful.

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